Miele showroom work by Brand Iron,

Miele showroom work by Brand Iron,

Wed, 09/18/2013 - 09:48 -- Death by Digital
Miele Showroom, Gateway. By Brand Iron

We recently worked with Miele to replace their current images in their Gateway showroom. The brief was to update the showroom with a look and feel in line with their global corporate image, and they had an amazing database of images available for us to use.

The process:

We printed the images onto translucent vinyl and applied to perspex, then installed these at the Miele Showroom. Seeing the light boxes up was pretty exciting and needless to say it was an impressive sight.

Coffee Fix

We joined Miele at their recent “Coffee Fix” event, where we enjoyed a morning indulging in the flavours of Ethiopia, learning about their coffee culture – a culture that we at Brand Iron have wholly bought in to, and tasting some of the foods that they would enjoy.

Fun fact about coffee: women state that they drink coffee to relax and men tend to say that coffee helps them get their work done, at Brand Iron we now have a coffee machine that brews coffee constantly.

Miele have a high expectation of perfection, and at Brand Iron we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality service and product.  We like to know that when our name is attached to a project, we can mingle with a crowd of people that we have never met and proudly point out our work!

We love coffee, and love to meet new people and talk about our products and services!  We look forward to meeting with you over our finest Ethiopian blend of coffee.