New Website

New Website

Wed, 04/04/2012 - 13:18 -- Harry Dennen
Victory Kid New Site

The new Brand Iron website is up and running! A lot of hours went into this one to create a site where visitors can find what they're looking for as quickly as possible. I think we hit the mark.

New TechnologyVictory Kid New Site

This site uses the latest HTML5 standards, responsive design techniques, and AJAX content filtering. It is optimised for smartphones and tablets as well as all modern browsers.

Modern Information Design

We went ahead and did away with the standard branding and top nav of usual sites. Instead of overloading our visitors with options and directions, we chose to scale it down and reduce navigation choices. The header options are only Home, Portfolio, and Services. What else do you really need up there?

Old problems, new solutions

Brand Iron consists of three main divisions: print, design, and advertising. But when it comes to the work we produce, a lot starts to overlap. This made the standard hierarchal layout of services a bit subpar for our liking. Not to mention attempting to put all of our services, products, and substrates into drop down menus seperated by company division! It would have been textbook poor UX design, and we don't really care for that.

Instead we approached the site architecture from a different perspective. What is the one primary thing we want to show our visitors? Our work. That's what really matters, so we build this site around that idea. Then we worked out how best to guide our visitors to what they want to see.

So instead of the standard overload of information on the landing page, our visitors get simple options to take them where they want to go. First choices: all services and entire portfolio. Second choices (for the person who knows more precisely what they're looking for): services and portfolio narrowed by either print, design, or advertising. Simple.

And the bonus? No stock photos. Only real work, real applications, and real world examples.

The power of a well built CMS

Everyone wants to show off all the awesome stuff they're doing and a good site should allow that. Our landing page has dynamically rendered feature portfolio pieces - no static imagery to get stale over time. And wherever a visitor finds herself on this site, she'll see relevant content options to look at, be they similar porfolio pieces or relevant articles. The site in a word: browsable.

Still more to come

As happy as we are with this site, we still have features to add. Our FTP login will soon be available for clients and not just staff. A search function will be added soon, and we're looking at a live chat option as well. All in due time.