Q&A of Vehicle branding with Brand Iron

Q&A of Vehicle branding with Brand Iron

Sun, 09/22/2013 - 21:55 -- Death by Digital

Ever wondered what the process of Vehicle branding actually is? 

The behind the scenes processes and best practice on vehicle branding are all answered by the Brand Iron SA team.

Q: How long have Brand Iron been doing vehicle branding for?

Brand Iron has been in the industry for over 7 years, and has been doing vehicle branding for about 5 years.

Q: Why did Brand Iron move into this area of business?

It seemed like the most logical choice, and move to keep with the trends in the market.  It also allows us to offer the client an all-encompassing solution to their branding collateral.

Q: What are the elements involved in branding a vehicle?

A good working knowledge of the materials available and their characteristics.  Then how each can be used in conjunction with the other and how to best mix them up, if at all…

  • From, a graphics and design perspective in depth understanding of the installation processes and methods is crucial to ensure that what is envisioned can be executed.
  • From a print perspective- the right inks, the right substrates and the right amount of drying time prior to installing.
  • Generally you need to be awesome at the game, have a passion for vehicles and their form & most of all Artistic flair.
  • From an installation perspective- adequate time. Rush jobs never last.

Q: What is involved in the design process?

A technical mind for an art that is not a science but is based on geometry, form and shape.

The canvas, AKA the vehicle, is not your usual shape and one only has a few seconds to view the vehicle.  Therefore the principles of billboard advertising come into play i.e 3 seconds to convey the message!  However the design cannot be simple- it has to be intriguing to the point where it turns heads- literally!

Q: How do you prepare a vehicle for wrapping?

Vehicles prior to wrapping should always be cleaned using a light alcohol based mixture.  Cars that have been waxed are no good and the print will eventually lift and peel.

We pride ourselves on not damaging the vehicles therefore we request the vehicle be delivered to us clean enough for both Brand iron and the client to inspect for any apparent damage prior to the installation commencing.  Don’t worry, we’ll clean the vehicle with the light alcohol based mixture- and it won’t damage your paintwork.  In fact, the vinyl will protect your paintwork!!

Q: What material are you using?

We use the relevant vinyl to the nature of the job.  If it is promotional branding with a short lifespan we will use a 3-5yr vinyl with optional protective varnish.  This is because it is cheaper to brand the vehicle this way making more bang for the companies bucks.

If the vehicle is a custom design, or is for Brand Awareness purposes generally the vinyl will be a 7-10yr Cast Vinyl.  The print will always have the protective varnish on it as it also acts as a “sunscreen” to further ensure the colours remain vibrant and scratch free for a prolonged period of time.

Q: How long does it generally take to wrap a vehicle?

A full vehicle wrap can take up to a whole day.  Thereafter the vehicle should remain in our car for an additional two days to allow us to bake the vinyl.  Baking the vinyl resets its memory and allows it to set to the shape and form of the vehicle in order to prevent it from pulling away over the grooves in the body work.

Ideally we should have the vehicle for three days.  However it’s the client’s choice to take the vehicle back at the end of the first day should they wish too.

Q: Why should people use Brand Iron?

We offer real advice and explain the processes to help you make informed decisions to best suit your wishes and not our pockets.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves in our work and offer a after care program to all our clients meaning we will assist in keeping the graphics looking tip top for as long as possible.

Q: Are there any special aftercare instructions that I should follow?

Don’t go to the mechanized car washes. No abrasive sponges or soaps. Love your vehicle- it’s a piece of art and you wouldn’t exactly put your Van Gogh in the washing machine would you?

Q: When I want to remove the vinyl, what is the process and does it cause damage?

Provided the body work was in a good state prior to application i.e vehicle grade paint used, no painted over body filler from previous accidents and no rust under the paintwork the vinyl will not damage your vehicle in any way whatsoever.  In fact it will prolong the life of your paintwork- think of it as a sunscreen for your vehicle.

On that note, vinyl even helps to stop rust from occurring!

Simply put, the bond between vehicle grade paint and the body work is MUCH stronger than the vinyl glue bond to the paintwork, therefore the vinyl will not damage the paintwork unless the paints bond with the body of the vehicle is compromised.

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