Custom Wallpaper

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We print from photos or designs you may have, or we can work with you to come up with a great design tailored to suite your style. Check out our portfolio below.

Experience matters

In our 8 years of operation having done work for Mr Price, Spiga D'Oro, Lil-Lets and many others, we have learned that wallpaper printing is an art unto itself. Printed materials must be allowed to dry sufficiently before being varnished / laminated and then installed. Humidity and heat are two of the biggest factors that impact the longevity of wallpaper. We check these (and more) factors on location before installation, and employ special methods to ensure your wallpaper continues to look as good as it does on the day it is installed. 


We warranty our workmanship for a period of up to 3 months to ensure that your wallpaper continues to look great for the rest of its lifetime. 

Important points about wall quality

Before you have wallpaper applied, make sure your wall is up to scratch. A wall’s condition is based on the following factors:

  • Quality of plasterwork:  If the plasterwork is poor then the plaster will be the first thing to fall off the wall, and yep you guessed it, the wallpaper right along with it.
  • Quality of paint:  Certain paints are really problematic, especially the “easy clean” paints as their properties refuse to allow the wallpaper to stay stuck as, just like a non-stick frying pan, these paints are made to repel anything from staying on them permanently – including wallpaper.
  • Surface condition and damp:  If the wall has cracks, crevices, or bumps of any sort, these will show through the wallpaper.  Wallpaper is not a bandage; it is a work of art and therefore should be placed on a deserving surface. If the wall has damp problems, so will your wallpaper.
  • Extreme temperature variations on a daily basis:  Like our waistlines, walls expand and contract on a daily basis. If the temperature extremes are enough, this can forcibly break the bond of the wallpaper to the wall causing it to lift in its weakest places.

We always ensure quality workmanship from the artwork to the print to the application, but if the wall is in poor condition, or takes a lot of abuse due to a harsh environment or otherwise, this can lead to wallpaper’s refusal to stay stuck and bubble. So make sure your wall is ready and get a quote now!

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