Vehicle Branding

Full or partial vehicle branding or vehicle wraps are a specialty here at Brand Iron in Durban. We follow mobile branding principles and can advise you on the best choices for you vehicle branding. 

Vinyl Basics Everyone Should Know

We only use specified vehicle grade vinyl for vehicle branding. Inexperienced printers may use vinyl that is not made for vehicles which will be problematic post-application.  For example, cheaper vinyl applied over deep grooves and recesses will pull off the surface and “bubble”. It will also contract over time and leave glue residue around the edges of the vinyl. It is also important to note that improper installation of vehicle grade vinyl can lead to similar problems.

Exterior Safety

We will NEVER put a knife to the paintwork. We only use professional knifeless methods when applying our vehicle branding to ensure the paintwork is in the same condition as when it was handed over to us.

Vehicle Prep

Please ensure your vehicle is washed and clean – without wax or polish! Wax and polish are vinyl’s worst enemies and will drastically reduce any vehicle branding adhesion to the body work and make any workmanship look poor. Please avoid the carwash for these reasons.

Turn Around Time

Like brewing an ale, good workmanship takes time.  Please allow us one full working day to brand your vehicle.  For this reason we advise alternative transport is arranged when dropping off the vehicles to save yourself from boredom.

Production from date of artwork approval is 4-5 working days plus one full working day to apply the graphics to your vehicle.

Same day free quote, go for it!